czdfi by czprive

CZDFI a directory listing program.
It is a commandline program, that traverses directory structures and writes data (filenames,date,...) about the files it finds to an outputfile. It is written in C and runs on Linux's and BSD's.

bytes: 12'604
MD5: 6482415e3f9527a212e7410745f75917
SHA1: 192cee83fe3d9f716a3e82214d9e1892bd4345b2
SHA256: 5f743d1898a94e4b3529d695491e1acdf26c888c3f03ea5b0f296f2ebc36e8c1

The first version was published 02.2016. The idea is based on a program fdsux, I wrote in my company in 2005, and on a program filedate from 1992.

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