jtextps by czprive

JTEXTPS Java TEXT to PostScript.
A commandline-program for printing text files to a postscript printer.

It is written in Java and comes with a documentation in pdf.
Download the .jar file and start with:

java -jar jtextps-XXX.jar -help | less

bytes: 540'494
MD5: b7db3cb699f48272a38d9f51d90ba6f7
SHA1: cb09520b93ed0e0f48ae722624c203f577e3ecd3
SHA256: 88be50415c79fc878703dba02ea8e95b3e0a96a26531a7f3fd566223b3c46b26

The first version published in 2014. The first program doing this, was written in 1989 in Fortran.

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